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Photographics / Auto Graphics


The photographic and auto graphics industries create and display information intended to elicit specific actions or emotions from people. Plastics provide formats for displaying graphics and facilitating the production process.

Advantages of plastics

The advantages of plastics in Photo and Auto Graphics are numerous. Plastics are much lighter than metal, which equate into better fuel economy and cheaper to manufacture parts. Additionally, the lighter weight aids in safer material handling. Plastics can be designed to be impact and dent resistant, and modified for improved strength. Corrosion resistance, color and texture flexibility, the economical components and aesthetics are other advantages of plastics.

Materials Utilized Within Industry

Photographic, auto graphics, fleet vehicle graphics and overlaminate materials such as Solvent/UV Digital Media, MACtac, Avery Graphics and Laminates.

Our Products

JT5800 B•free™ Bubble Free Digital Media

From short term indoor to mid-term outdoor advertising and promotional signs, bubble-free technology makes installation a breeze!

DuPont™ Tyvek® Print Media

Indoor and outdoor signs and banners made with DuPont™ Tyvek® print media are strong, lightweight and easy to handle, without fear of ripping or tearing.

Performance Guide IMAGin® JT5929BFDMQ
Fire Characteristics of Sintra Material

Sometimes it is necessary to know the fire characteristics of materials that are used in the production of certain signage, graphics, exhibits or displays. These characteristics become important when the materials are used in applications where there may be stringent rules on how the materials behave when exposed to sources of combustion.

Post Paint Compatibility of Dibond®

On many projects that involve Dibond® material, a small quantity of "custom color" panels is often required. It is often not practical to obtain the "custom color" from the factory and post painting is necessary.

DuPont Ink Jet Banner Media with Tyvek®

Rugged and durable; resists tears, fading and water damage. DuPont Banner Media made with Tyvek® exhibits excellent whiteness, brightness, opacity and color fidelity.

StreetRap™ Vinyl Floor Graphics for Concrete

Short term graphic promotional film designed for concrete or asphalt, sidewalks, steps and floors -- and select wall surfaces -- indoors and outdoors.

Digital / Graphics Product Catalog

We are proud to bring you our newest product catalog focusing on the Digital / Graphics industry.

Laminating Fome-Cor® & Gator™ Products

Laminating and mounting are terms that are often times interchanged, however for this document laminating is defined as an application of placing a covering (film or liquid) over a mounted item to either protect the graphic or provide a certain appearance i.e. matte or glossy finish. Mounting is the attachment of a graphic to a substrate. A graphic can be placed on paper, foil, plastic or fabric for mounting to the substrate.

Adhesives Used with Dibond® Material

One of the display features in great demand is the ability to attach Dibond® material to a substrate without having exposed fasteners. The vast majority of this type connection is done using adhesives.

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