Mustang Copolyester

Mustang sheet is continuously processed using Eastman Tritan® copolyester. Available in flat sheet and roll stock, this product offers superior forming details, improved material distribution and shorter heating and cooling cycles, allowing endless decoration possibilities, including pre-applied vinyl.

Manufactured with proven UV protective layer technology, Mustang is recommended for indoor and outdoor applications. An ideal alternative to polycarbonate, it offers all of the advantages of PC, without the processing and fabricating limitations.

Mustang copolyester sheet raises the standard for the signs of our times providing sign designers and manufacturers with a new world of flexibility and durability – and a beautifully practical way to reduce energy costs:

  • No pre-drying required – reducing costs and energy consumption
  • Lower thermoforming temperatures than polycarbonate (PC) enabling easier pre-decoration with vinyls or screen inks
  • Better thermoforming cycle times than PC
  • Outstanding formability allows dramatic sign designs
  • Consistent brand representation
  • Impact strength comparable to PC

Eliminating the pre-drying requirement necessary with polycarbonate, Mustang sheet saves production time, floor space and allows for greater opportunities on jobs that previously required drying capabilities.