CLEARANCE: Environmentally Friendly Re-Board®

Re-Board material is produced to anticipate solutions for today's global trends.

  • Global warming.
  • Recyclable.
  • Access to raw materials -- resources with economies like China and India.
  • Trends in weight carriage for employees (under 50.7 lbs. / 23 kg. ).
  • New applications!


  • Raw material resources – we make 10 times more m2 from the same raw material compared to chip board.
  • Re-Board can be recycled at least 4 times.
  • Re-Board is produced without any dangerous or hazardous components that is used in chipboard and is totally environmental friendly.
  • Re-Board production is using recycled energy that leads to very low total energy consumption during the manufacturing process. This is comparable to 1/10 of normal energy production in a factory.
  • Low transportation cost, local production.
  • Replacement of plastics in marketing communications eg Tesco and Wall Mart – vinyl on busses is replaced by paper
  • Upcoming markets such as China and India require access to alternative products that act as substitutes.