ABS Virgin Sheet




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ABS Virgin Sheet

Engineered for strength and durability, ABS sheet provides both impact and temperature resistance for everyday usage. Easily machined, paintable, good chemical resistance, rigid, and with a relative low cost make it the ideal choice of plastic material for a wide variety of commercial applications. ABS plastic remains hard, stiff, and durable even at low temperatures. It is available in three varieties: fire-retardant, heat-resistant, and platable. The impact strength is dependent on the slope. The recyclable and inexpensive nature of ABS plastic is another reason why it’s so popular. ABS may be recycled, ground up, reprocessed, and reused into utility applications since it is a thermoplastic rather than a thermoset. This gives an even more cost-effective option for uses where aesthetics are less important.


      • Black with Smooth Finish
      • Rigid Form
      • Easily Machined & Bonded
      • Paintable
      • Chemical Resistance
      • Low cost


      • Appliance parts
      • Automotive parts
      • Structural applications
      • Point-of-purchase displays
      • Thermoformed parts
      • Computer housings
      • Shower/Tub surrounds

Exposure to outdoor elements may cause changes in impact strength, ask our sales team for more information