Non-Glare Cast - Acrycast® N2




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Non-Glare Cast - Acrycast®N2

Acrycast Non-Glare Cast is a transparent, UV absorbent and abrasion resistant plastic that is ideal for use in creating one-sided non-glare surfaces. Acrycast N2’s soft matte finish helps to reduce glare when acrylic is flush against images or other printed matter. It is completely clear, allowing the product to be used from either side of the display.


      • Clear/Transparent
      • UV Absorbent
      • Non-glare surface (one-sided)
      • Can be painted or silk-screened
      • Soft matte finish helps minimize glare & reflection


      • Picture Framing
      • Exhibits Casing
      • Framing and mounting
      • Digital and screen printing

The product’s soft matte finish is designed to reduce glare when installed flush to photos, documents, etc.