Non-Glare Cast - Acrycast® N2

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Acrycast® N2 Non-Glare acrylic sheet was created to minimize glare and reflection and maximize the unhindered viewing of framed artwork. Its matte finish shows the art and nothing but the art from almost any angle and under typical lighting conditions. Acrycast N2 sheet, continuously manufactured, is lightweight and easily fabricated, offering a non-glare surface that can be painted or silk-screened. It is ideal for picture framing. Note: Sheet appears slightly hazy until it is placed directly on top of artwork. Once placed on artwork, the clarity comes through and the artwork is easily viewed without the glare associated with standard acrylic sheet.

    • The product’s soft matte finish is designed to reduce glare when installed flush to photos, documents, etc.
    • Transparent
    • UV Absorbent
    • Non-glare surface (one-sided)
    • Soft matte finish helps minimize glare & reflection 
    • Designed to reduce glare when acrylic is flush against images