Banner & Flex Face

Banner and Flex Face material are both used in the sign and graphics industry. Flex material is softer and more flexible than vinyl. At first glance, flex and vinyl printing can seem very similar; however, they generally have different uses and the materials will appear slightly different under close inspection..

Banner is tear and UV-resistant and easy to clean. Banner material comes in several variations including functionality, weight, durability, opacity, and color. Vinyl is the go-to material of choice when versatility, long life, and low cost are the order of the day. Vinyl works indoors and out in specific applications and is a top choice for fast turnaround on high-volume banner/sign orders.

Flex Face Signage is a type of system that is typically used for outdoor sign applications such as retail parks, shop fronts and other large customer facing signage. The name ‘flex face’ derives from the primary feature of the system; a tensioned flexible PVC banner substrate that stretches across the face of the sign to create something that resembles the skin of a drum.

Our products come from top manufacturers, reach out to your local Laird Plastics representative to learn more about our Banner and Flex Face material solutions.