Inks / Paints / Toners

Modern technology has provided the printing industry with a state of the art printing processes. There are several types of inks, paints, and toners that are used to create vibrant graphics. The print quality relies not only on the type of printer and substrate, but also the type of ink and surface curing.

One of the most commonly used inks in the printing industry is solvent ink. Solvent ink is comprised of a fluid (water or liquid base), pigment (color), and a resin (adherent), which results in a durable, long lasting ink. Unlike UV ink, solvent ink cures with either air or heat application.

UV ink is also used throughout the print industry. There are subtle advantages to UV ink printing. The instant curing property of UV ink also allows printers to produce high volume signs in a short amount of time without decreasing quality.

Laird Plastics offers a range of Inks, Paints and Toners to serve the sign and graphics industry. Reach out to your local sales representative to inquire about our Inks, Paints and Toners.