Item #: 63827

Product Attributes

Brand: ULTEM

Color: BLACK

Form Factor: SHEET

Length: 48 IN

Light Transparency: OPAQUE

Manufacturer: ENSINGER



Series: 1000

Specification: ENSINGER

Texture: SMOOTH2

Thickness: 1.5 IN

Width: 24 IN

Product Description

Polyetherimide or PEI material is an amorphous thermoplastic with high mechanical strength and rigidity. PEI polymer is extruded in sheet and rod shapes using Sabic's Ultem® resin. Unfilled PEI thermoplastic is translucent and amber in color with exceptional mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. In filled grades, the addition of glass fiber reinforcement, provides users with a polyetherimide offering that has both greater tensile strength and rigidity, while also improving dimensional stability.

PEI Ultem® plastic has similar characteristics to the polyarylsulphones, while simultaneously offering significant advantages. Polyetherimides has a remarkably high creep resistance over a wide temperature and a high permanent operating temperature. Furthermore, very good resistance to hydrolysis, along with dimensional stability rounds out the portfolio of polyetherimide properties.


PEI plastics offers:

  • High permanent operating temperature (170°C)
  • High mechanical strength
  • High rigidity
  • High creep resistance over a wide temperature range
  • High dimensional stability
  • Very good resistance to hydrolysis (suitable for repetitive steam sterilization)
  • Good electrical insulation
  • Good radiation resistance
  • Good chemical resistance to chlorine and caustic/acidic cleaning agents