Mesh Banner Materials

Mesh Banners, stand out at your next event

Flexible mesh banner materials that feature unique scrim patterns and are available in various widths from Liard Plastics The open-holed scrim pattern on Speaker Mesh allows 70% air flow and catches more ink, which results in optimal ink coverage. This mesh media is typically used to produce large graphics on concert venue speakers, buildings, and stadiums. UltraMesh Premium 328 is available in widths from 61” to 126”. It is also a REACH compliant mesh media with 30% air-flow that produces vivid graphics. The air-tight print surface created by the backer on Strip Mesh Pro LTX and Strip Mesh Plus prevents ink spray through the materials and are ideal for banners, building wraps and other outdoor applications located in areas subject high to high wind conditions. For those looking for something a little more water-friendly, AquaFlex is a media product made in the USA and most often recommended for pool, pond, and other underwater applications. The blue AquaFlex is made from recycled pool liners. Our Ultraflex Systems inside and outside sales associates are always happy to provide information and technical data on AquaFlex and other products you might be unfamiliar with in our line.

  • Ultraflex - Stripmesh Plus Ultraflex - Stripmesh Plus

    Ultraflex - Stripmesh Plus

    Ultraflex - Strip Mesh PlusOur Strip Mesh Plus scrim is the perfect solution for any event. Whether you're looking to create a barrier, banner, or fence wrap, this 8 oz. coated material is durable and lightweight and allows 37% air-flow through for...
    $560.00 - $1,400.00
  • Ultraflex - Ultra Mesh Supreme

    Ultraflex - Ultra Mesh Supreme

    Ultraflex - Ultramesh SupremeUltra Mesh® Supreme is a 9 oz. coated, polyester scrim, mesh banner material. The material allows 25% air-flow through and is designed with slit-like holes for enhanced image quality. It is ideal for small text or close...
  • Ultraflex  - Ultra Mesh Eclipse Ultraflex  - Ultra Mesh Eclipse

    Ultraflex - Ultra Mesh Eclipse

    Ultra Mesh EclipseUltra Mesh Eclipse is a high-quality, black backed mesh that provides complete opacity. Available in widths of 126” and 196”, Ultra Mesh Eclipse is ideal for building wraps and fence graphics.FeaturesPolyester7.96 ozHeat SealableMold...
  • Ultraflex - Ultramesh Blockout

    Ultraflex - Ultramesh Blockout

    UltraMesh® Blockout is a 12.5 oz. double-sided mesh material. The blockout mesh material is ideal for applications where complete opacity is required. UltraMesh Blockout is printable on both sides and may be used for billboards, exhibits and...