Fabric / Textiles

  • Ultraflex - Vortex Flag D110

    Ultraflex - Vortex Flag D110

    VorTex™ Flag D110 is a knitted flag fabric treated specifically for direct dye-sublimation, Latex, dye-sublimation transfer and UV printing. VorTex™ Flag D110 offers excellent bleed through and wind flow characteristics making it an...
  • Ultraflex - Vortex Precision T130

    Ultraflex - Vortex Precision T130

    VorTex™ Backlit Precision T130 is a polyester fabric ideal for use with retail applications. The product is designed and coated to hold a high resolution and wide color gamut. VorTex™ Backlit Precision was engineered with a unique...
  • Ultraflex - Vortex D251

    Ultraflex - Vortex D251

    VorTex™ Triple White D251 has a tightly woven structure that produces a smooth print surface for notable print quality. VorTex™ Triple White’s structure allows for a fabric solution with both front-lit and back-lit...
  • Ultraflex - Vortex Soft Image Ultraflex - Vortex Soft Image

    Ultraflex - Vortex Soft Image

    VorTex™ Soft Image Eclipse® D220 is a 6.8oz., 100% polyester, soft blockout material with a black back. The material is crease-free for easy folding and shipping. The product is REACH compliant. VorTex™ Soft Image...
  • Ultraflex - Vortex Bolero S225 Ultraflex - Vortex Bolero S225

    Ultraflex - Vortex Bolero S225

    VorTex™ Bolero S225 is a 6.5 oz. woven polyester fabric. The bright white fabric enriches colors, producing vivid eye-catching images. VorTex Bolero S225 may be used for a wide range of applications including light boxes, POP displays, backlit...
  • Ultraflex - Vortex Backlit Event T202

    Ultraflex - Vortex Backlit Event T202

    VorTex™ Backlit Event T202 is a 5.96oz. woven polyester fabric, made with 10% recycled yarns. The unique construction eliminates spider cracking and wrinkles disappear under tension. The fabric offers high resolution imaging when printed via...