Acrylic Rods

Acrylic Rods

Acrylic is a light and transparent plastic manufactured through a chemical reaction between a catalyst and a monomer. Acrylic is 10 times more shatter-resistant than glass and has a higher optical clarity than glass. In addition to being resistant to sunlight, acrylic is also available in a variety of sheet forms. Cast acrylic is the highest quality acrylic sheet available. The liquid monomers are poured into a glass mould, where they harden into a tough sheet. Extrusion produces a comparable sheet by pushing the liquid through an extruder and rollers. Casting produces a plastic sheet that is strong, durable, and uniform.

There are two primary sorts of acrylic material: cast and extruded. Unlike cast acrylic, extruded acrylic is produced by forcing acrylic material through a shape while a chemical reaction occurs. As a result, extruded acrylic is heterogeneous and changes in character depending on the direction of extrusion. The direction of extrusion for acrylic sheet is the direction of extrusion. Although cast and extruded acrylic are different materials, they both have several advantages. The first is cost. Extruded acrylic is cheaper to produce than cast acrylic, since it is faster and easier. If cost is a vital issue, this might be the acrylic sheet for you.


  • Clear Cast Acrylic Rod

    Clear Cast Acrylic Rod

    Clear Cast Acrylic Rod Cast acrylic is a versatile and durable material that is perfect for a wide range of applications. It has excellent optical properties, good electrical and UV resistivity, and outstanding resistance to long-term exposure to...
    $55.00 - $92.00