What is Foam Board, What is it Used For?(Post)

    Introduction You have seen and probably used foam board in your life, whether at home for decorations, at work, or in school. But do you really know what foam board is and how it is best used? Fo ...

  • White PVC - SINTRA corner display
    3A Composites

    White PVC - SINTRA®

    White PVC - SINTRA®White PVC from SINTRA® is the industry’s leading premium PVC board for more than 30 years. It features a consistent bright white surface and sheet thickness, superior dent and...
    $85.00 - $310.00
  • Color PVC - SINTRA®
    3A Composites

    Color PVC - SINTRA®

    Color PVC - SINTRA®White PVC is a premium grade vinyl and has been the leader in the industry for over 30 years. It offers exceptional durability, dent and scratch resistance, and chemical resistance...
    $100.05 - $205.00
  • Expanded PVC Foam Expanded PVC Foam
    General Purpose

    Expanded PVC Foam

    Expanded PVC Foam.Expanded PVC Foam Sheet is a rigid yet lightweight material commonly used in many industries. This versatile foam sheet features a bright white surface that is ideal for digital and...
    $48.67 - $121.10

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