Water & Waste Water Plastic Applications

Plastics have been instrumental in reclaiming waste water into safe water for more than seven decades. Plastics are also being put to work anywhere there’s a need for durable, long-lasting, maintenance-free water transport systems.


Environmental and Safety:


Considering the total carbon footprint, including costs of raw materials, manufacture, transport, fabricate, install, maintain, plastics compare favorably with more traditional materials. Also, plastics are safer to handle and install. When you consider that most plastics are readily recyclable, they can become the most environmentally responsible and safest choice for many demanding water and waste water applications.





·         Potable water systems (valve and pump components)

·         Irrigation systems (bearings, nozzles, pivot bushings)

·         Aquaculture

·         Specialized chemical delivery systems

·         Reclamation process piping

·         Sprinkler/water aeration systems

·         Hot and cold water distribution systems

·         Plumbing pipes and fittings

·         Double contained piping systems

·         Water and sewage treatment —

·         paddles, weirs, wear shoes, sprockets, chain guides

·         Gravity and force main industrial and

·         municipal sewer systems

·         Ultra pure water systems

·         Submerged marine installations

·         Ocean thermal energy conversion

·         projects, designed to produce energy

·         and air condition buildings

·         Desalinization

·         Grating and stair systems