Framing and Mounting

Preserve the Value of Art with Plastic

At Laird Plastics, we commit to the distribution of high-quality plastic materials. We have a network of over fifty service centers and have been in business for seventy years. We are ready to provide an extensive range of plastic materials for your framing and mounting uses.

Framing and mounting are essential aspects of displaying art and photographs, and plastic products are often used in these processes due to their lightweight, durability, and versatility. One popular type of plastic used in framing and mounting is foamboard, which is a cost-effective and lightweight material that can be molded into various shapes and sizes. Polystyrene foam boards are often used as backing boards for framing artwork, providing a lightweight and sturdy support that is easy to cut and shape. Another plastic commonly used in framing and mounting is acrylic, which has a high transparency level and excellent weather resistance. Acrylic sheets are often used as glazing materials for framing artwork, providing a protective layer that allows for clear and uninterrupted viewing of the piece. Additionally, plastic clips and brackets are commonly used to mount artwork and photographs to walls, offering a secure and non-invasive mounting option. The use of plastic products in framing and mounting has allowed for more cost-effective and flexible display options, while still ensuring the protection and preservation of valuable artwork and photographs.


  • Impact resistance
  • Half the weight of other framing and mounting materials
  • UV absorption