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Laird Plastics is an industry-leading plastics distributor servicing the sign and graphics communities! Our organization works closely with valued suppliers to offer customers innovative and sustainable print material solutions. Laird Plastics continues to make strides within the industry toward a more sustainable future. Thanks to the dedication of our employees, supplier partners, customers, Resource Plastics, and our recycling division, Laird Plastics has led the industry in providing sustainable solutions for your environment.

2023 Recycling Results

Laird Plastics' commitment to sustainability is proven in our recycling statistics. Laird Plastics and our recycling division partner, Resource Plastics recycled over 100 million pounds of material in 2023. This number represents a major milestone for Laird's recycling program. Thanks to growing participation from customers and expanding our effort to promote and practice recycling initiatives with suppliers, the amount of material recycled is continually rising. We aim to not only provide sustainable materials but to minimize waste with our closed-loop system. Our success continues to motivate us to further expand the recycling program and future collection targets.


Some Laird Plastics locations now offer a PVC Recycling Program for customers. This innovative program eliminates waste by buying back customers’ materials or scraps, keeping materials out of landfills, and recycling them. The recycled PVC is then given new life by being used in the production of new plastic products. 

This creates a closed-loop system allowing print materials to be continually reused, reducing unnecessary plastic waste, and the amount of virgin PVC that needs to be produced. The program creates an easy and sustainable solution for customers to recycle their PVC signage, graphics, and digital print waste.


Laird Plastics takes pride in partnering with suppliers who are committed to developing eco-friendly materials and reducing waste. In this guide, we will highlight some of Laird Plastics' valued suppliers that stand out in their commitment to sustainability and the impressive sustainable product lines they offer.

The sign and graphics industries have made great strides when it comes to sustainability in recent years. More companies are realizing the importance of recycled and eco-friendly materials as consumers become more environmentally conscious.

Laird Plastics United front for sustainabilty

Our valued suppliers are pioneering greener options for printing, signage, and graphic materials by offering sustainable, recycled, and PVC-free alternative materials. Laird Plastics empowers its customers to make more sustainable choices by distributing these eco-friendly products. This allows sign shops, graphic designers, exhibit builders, and other creators or businesses to reduce their environmental impact.

Suppliers and Products

Dreamscapes Terralon: Sustainable Wall Coverings 

Dreamscapes is an industry leader in developing sustainable wall coverings through its Terralon product line. Terralon is a PVC-free vinyl alternative made from 31% post-consumer recycled content. Since its introduction, the earth-friendly Terralon has resulted in repurposing over 12 million plastic bottles, and that number continues to grow.   

Terralon is receptive to all common print and ink technologies, adding a unique life to digital designs. There are three different textures available in the Terralon line ranging from heavily textured to flawlessly smooth: 

  • Terralon Regatta - Heavily textured  
  • Terralon - Medium texture 
  • Terralon Smooth - Flawlessly smooth 
Dreamscapes terralon

The commercial-grade durability and printability of Terralon make it ideal for a wide variety of interior signagedisplays, and décor applications. Terralon offers a sustainable solution for stunning printable wall coverings

Laird Plastics FalconBoard

Falconboard® Sustainable Rigid Graphics Board 

Falconboard® from Hexacomb® is a fully recyclable rigid graphics media board that offers superior performance over most traditional foam board options. Strong, flat, dimensionally stable, and rigid structural characteristics provide improved performance and excellent printability compared to other materials.

Falconboard® is made primarily from renewable forest resources, is completely recyclable, and is approved for the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) Certified Sourcing label indicating renewable virgin and post-consumer recycled fibers. 

Falconboard® LuminousTM, Print, All Black, and All White are designed for use in interior signagethree-dimensional displays, and point-of-purchase applications where excellent print quality and rigid, lightweight features are required. Falconboard® Mount is a backing board structurally engineered for demanding roll media and mounting requirements as well as for the production of large 3D structures

Ultraflex EcoVantage: PVC-Free Banner Materials

Ultraflex produces PVC-Free Alternative Banner Materials in their EcoVantage line. In developing PVC-Free sustainable products, it’s important to develop a product that looks and performs just like PVC. 70% of the energy used to make the EcoVantage products is renewable, including the use of solar panels in the factory, wind turbines, clean natural gas, and a water circulation system to minimize environmental impact.

Ultraflex EcoVantage® materials are 100% PVC-free and phthalate-free alternatives to traditional PVC banner materials. Developed with the end life of each product in mind, they can be recycled or safely incinerated without releasing harmful toxins. They can be easily printed, finished, and installed without any special equipment. 

Ultraflex EcoVantage

Neenah Converd Board, Digiscape, and BloxLite: Sustainable Fine Paper Product Lines

Converd Wide Format

Neenah produces a concentrated line of wide-format sustainable print materials in addition to their fine paper offerings. One of their top-selling sustainable products is Converd Board, a corrugated material with a fine paper face. Converd Board comes in four different thicknesses and can be cut and scored. When printed on, Converd Board produces vibrant colors and can be recycled after use.

Neenah's Digiscape product line offers sustainable, PVC-free, fiber-based, and latex-saturated wallpaper materials. Digiscape is ideal for muralscounter wraps, and other graphics applications, and is notably easy to install. Another notable, sustainable Neenah offering is the BloxLite Wide Format Two-Side Print Blockout Banner. This material is cellulose-based and 100% opaque. BloxLite is FSC® certified, made with 10% post-consumer waste content, and can be printed on both sides. 

Plaskolite Optix-R and Tuffak-R: Sustainable Plastic Sheets 

Plaskolite has made substantial progress in sustainable plastics manufacturing through its innovative recycling processes. They offer two standout sustainable plastic products: 

  • Optix-R: This optically clear sheet is made from up to 95% post-industrial recycled acrylic content. The recycled acrylic is collected from excess PMMA sheet waste and fed back into Plaskolite's production process. Optix-R supports sustainability initiatives and is used for retail displays, signage, and other applications where high optical clarity is needed.
  • Tuffak-R: This impact-resistant polycarbonate sheet contains up to 90% post-industrial recycled content. The recycled polycarbonate is reclaimed from excess production waste and reused. Tuffak-R is ideal for LEED-certified projects and enables a circular production ecosystem. It is trusted by leading global brands aiming to improve sustainability through recycled plastics use. Tuffak-R retains the same high optical and impact performance as virgin polycarbonate. 
  • Plaskolite demonstrates that recycled plastics can offer the same performance as new materials, while significantly reducing environmental impact.
Plaskolite Optix-r

3A Composites Dispa: Eco-Friendly Boards 

3A Composites' Dispa paper boards are an excellent eco-friendly option for prints and displays. Dispa boards are 100% recyclable and FSC-certified, made from sustainable forestry resources.

The unique paper structure of Dispa boards provides outstanding rigidity and dimensional stability, perfect for hanging signs and POS/POP displays. Dispa is lightweight and offers a quality surface for crisp, sharp prints.

After use, Dispa boards can be inexpensively recycled with paper waste, contributing to a circular life cycle. By choosing Dispa eco-boards for prints and displays, businesses can further their sustainability initiatives and reduce their environmental footprint. 

Vycom – A Plaskolite Company: PVC Recycling Program 

Vycom offers a unique PVC recycling program that accepts any rigid PVC material to be recycled. The recycling process involves pulverizing the used PVC and then re-extruding it into a structural filler material that can be used in new products. This program has already recycled over 500 million pounds of PVC each year, and Vycom aims to increase this number to 1 billion pounds in the coming years. Through this program, Vycom is significantly reducing the environmental impact of PVC in an economical and scalable manner. 

Primex Prime ReCycle: Recycled Plastic Products 

Primex produces post-consumer recycled materials in its Prime ReCycle product line. These materials are available in a variety of widely used polymers, such as Polystyrene, ABS, Polyethylene, and Polypropylene. 

The Prime ReCycle brand offers manufacturers an environmentally responsible solution without sacrificing quality or performance. Primex has diverted over 100 million pounds of plastic from landfills to produce these materials. The recycling process reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to virgin plastic production. 

Prime ReCycle materials provide consistency and short lead times. They can be colored, textured, or enhanced to meet specific requirements. Primex works with clients to determine the right recycled material and properties for their application. These materials are used for applications such as consumer goods, electronics, automotive parts, and packaging.

Primex Prime Recycle

Laird Plastics is a company that prioritizes sustainability by implementing recycling programs and collaborating with eco-conscious suppliers. They are dedicated to minimizing their environmental impact and offer a variety of sustainable product lines. Customers choose Laird Plastics due to their expertise and commitment to providing sustainable solutions. By choosing Laird Plastics, customers can be confident in their choice to support a company that actively contributes to environmental stewardship and responsible business practices.