Plastics have changed the world, enabling our society to enjoy the benefits of products that can be safer, lighter, stronger, cheaper and more practical than other materials. Laird Plastics has been in the business of successfully distributing plastic sheets, rods, and films for over 70 years. 


With over 50 locations throughout the United States and Canada, Laird Plastics offers a large network of service centers and inventories with an extensive product range including such major segments as “See-through” materials (acrylics and polycarbonates), Graphics materials (substrates and a variety of materials such as foam boards, Styrene, Polypropylene and Vinyl banner material) and Mechanical/engineering materials (Higher performance materials such as UHMW, LDPE, HDPE, Nylons and Acetals).


Laird Plastics provides comprehensive supply chain coordination to the industry's leading manufacturers. This includes product representation on performance and selection, transportation, storage, and delivery. Through decentralized commercial activity, a genuine focus on safety, quality and productivity, and an extensive support and training network we seek to attract, motivate and retain the best wholesale distribution people to serve this exciting and growing global marketplace.


Plastics have revolutionized the world and proven beneficial material during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a trusted plastics distributor, Laird Plastics is responding to the call for reliable applications that aid front-line workers in reducing the spread of the new coronavirus.


Our Customer Commitment

- Cost-effective plastic materials
- Timely delivery services
- Material selection
- Custom cuts and fabrication
- Commercial and industrial applications 

Our Vision and Core Values

Plastics have changed the world. Our vision is to expand the availability and usefulness for plastics as the world’s leading distributor exemplifying core values of hard work, continuous self-improvement, empowerment, honesty, and integrity.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

As an environmental steward and industry leader for recycling, Laird Plastics has implemented “green” practices through its closed-loop program. Using this recycling process, recyclable items that reach end-of-life are recycled into new products, effectively reducing landfill waste and extending its usage capabilities. We are proud to uphold a dedicated business unit that is committed to the recycling of plastics