Harness renewable energy with plastic

Alternative energy is an increasingly popular means of powering our world, as we look for more sustainable and environmentally-friendly ways to meet our energy needs. Plastic products play an important role in alternative energy production, as they are often used in the manufacturing of solar panels and wind turbine blades. Polymers such as polyvinyl butyral (PVB) are commonly used in the production of solar panels, where they are used as encapsulants and backsheet materials to protect the solar cells from moisture and environmental damage. Similarly, plastics such as fiberglass and carbon fiber-reinforced composites are commonly used in the construction of wind turbine blades, due to their lightweight and high-strength properties. The use of plastic products in alternative energy production has allowed for more efficient and cost-effective methods of harnessing renewable energy sources, helping to reduce our dependence on non-renewable resources and decrease our impact on the environment.


  • Lightweight and high-strength properties
  • Harness renewable energy sources
  • Reduced maintenance effort and lower running costs
  • Reduction in time to market