Corrugated/Fluted Plastic Sheets

Adding strength and protection to your next shipment

Polypropylene Fluted sheet is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. It is waterproof, stain-resistant, and resistant to some chemicals. Fluted Polypropylene boards are commonly used in printing, point of purchase displays and packaging.


  • corner display of Bubble - x co-extruded board


    The Bubble-X co-extruded board is a three-layer design made for superior printing performance and chemical and moisture resistance. The surface is corona treated to create a smooth matte finish and provide excellent printing performance. It’s also 100%...
    $82.00 - $90.00
  • Black Polypropylene Fluted Sheets White Polypropylene Fluted Sheets

    Fluted Polypropylene

    Fluted Polypropylene is tougher than corrugated fibreboard and lighter than extruded plastic sheets, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses. Fluted Polypropylene's excellent adhesion quality is utilised in printing, display, and packaging...
    $2.25 - $95.00