• Non-Glare Cast -  Acrycast®  N2
    General Purpose

    Non-Glare Cast - Acrycast® N2

    Acrycast® N2 Non-Glare acrylic sheet was created to minimize glare and reflection and maximize the unhindered viewing of framed artwork. Its matte finish shows the art and nothing but the art from almost any angle and under typical lighting...
    $375.00 - $785.00
  • Cast ACR - OPTIX® L

    Cast ACR - OPTIX® L

    Long a design community favorite, OPTIX-L (formerly called LuciteLux) brings superior cast acrylic sheet to our range of products. Continuous cast acrylic made with Lucite International® monomer for superior clarity. Designers, retailers and...
    $165.00 - $300.00
  • Cast ACR -  Acrycast®
    General Purpose

    Cast ACR - Acrycast®

    Acrycast Cell-Cast Acrylic Sheets are cast acrylic products produced in clear or colored sheets. Production specifications for Acrycast sheet deliver the highest available levels of quality, performance and consistency in cell cast acrylic. Our...


    Plexiglas® G cell-cast acrylic sheet satisfies the requirements of nearly all high performance applications. The full line of Plexiglas® cast acrylics provide superior long term optical quality, chemical resistance, weatherability, and numerous...
  • Clear Cast Acrylic - General Purpose Clear Cast Acrylic - General Purpose
    General Purpose

    Clear Cast Acrylic - General Purpose

    Cast Clear Acrylic provides the greatest optical clarity and stability. The process of casting yields a more rigid product, making it more chemical resistant and suited for applications that require thick, clear and distortion free material. If you are...
    $30.89 - $1,123.98