What is Foam Board, What is it Used For?


You have seen and probably used foam board in your life, whether at home for decorations, at work, or in school. But do you really know what foam board is and how it is best used? Foam board is one of the most common forms of signage, which you've certainly seen at the store or school but had no idea what it was called. Foam boards and foam core boards are two names that are sometimes used interchangeably. Foam board is a strong and lightweight material that can be cut easily with a sharp craft knife or a mat cutter for photo framing. Foam board is often used to mount prints and pictures, as well as to serve as a picture frame backing. The majority of architecture students utilize this material to create interiors and construct buildings.

The Many Uses of Foam Board

  • Models - Foam board is widely utilized in the fabrication of scale models and stands across the globe. Smooth panels with a polystyrene foam core are simple to use, incredibly durable and can be cut to size, pasted, and processed quickly. The material is great for making a scale model or adorning a conference, exhibition, or market display.
  • Business Windows - Every window dresser, store, or organization needs foam board. Are you a company owner or do you have a store window that needs to be dressed? Place a foam board with your services and unique selling features on the work floor or in the store front.
  • Presentations - Foam board may assist anybody who is preparing a presentation or lecture. Elegant presentation materials will perform half the work in capturing your audience's attention. Foam board can help you get your message out, whether you're searching for a blank foam board or want text and images put on it.
  • Photos on Foam - Many photographers, exhibitors, and others who appreciate excellent photography have photos placed on foam board photo panels on their walls. Foam board photos are unique and attractive. The lack of a frame, glass panel, or hook adds to the impression.
  • Insulation - To provide thermal resistance in floors, ceilings, and walls, hard foam panels are employed in practically every step of construction. Hard foam panels installed on the exterior wall of your home will boost insulation and prevent wind and drafts from entering.
  • Protecting Packages - Do you send packages on a regular basis for business? if you do, you know you need to safeguard your priceless and delicate items. Have you considered utilizing foam board for your project? Ideal for transporting and protecting items of art, for example.
  • Trade Shows - When it comes to trade shows, large organizations with more flexible resources understand that they must generate vast numbers of efficient, attractive promotional materials. Because they will only use them once or twice for their trade fair displays over a short period of time, durability isn't a problem. Foam board is a simple to use a material that can be framed and mounted using 3M double-sided velcro adhesive.

Yes, foam core board doesn't survive for a long time, but its inexpensive cost allows for high-quality printing, and it's light enough to move and install easily. Foam board is a cost-effective choice for obvious reasons.

These aren't the only applications for a foam board. It's adaptable enough that you can come up with your own creative uses for them.

Foamboard-workbench-constructionAdvantages of Foam Board

The advantages of foam board are many and varied, that is why you see it used in so many work places and for different occassions. Foam board has a strong core and is entirely stiff when compared to other forms of poster boards. The cloth rests flat on its own, maybe propped up or hung straight, and is very resistant to curling and bending. If you need a durable poster board, foam boards are a better choice. Foam board is also extremely light and somewhat thicker than other poster board varieties. The foam core makes a negligible impact in the weight of the product. The lightweight nature of a foam board makes it simpler to transport, put on the wall, and store. Foam boards are extremely simple to print and cut due of their small weight. Pictures and drawings may be printed directly on the foam core, and the boards can be cut to almost any form. For a weatherproof finish, laminate or frame your foam board. You may also pick from a number of different finishes, including glossy, textured, and matte.

Disadvantages of Foam Board

Because foam boards are affordable, you can quickly replace them out without breaking the budget. Foam boards, on the other hand, are not the ideal choice for outdoor usage. It is vulnerable to the elements, including the sun and water, and may quickly become distorted, discolored, and dissolved if exposed to UV radiation for an extended period of time. You won't be able to hang a foam board in your bathroom, kitchen, or any other moist location. Foam board, unlike other types of signs such as Sintra, is susceptible to wear and tear and must be handled with extreme care.

What is the Difference Between Foam Board and Foam Core?foamboard-insulation-install

Is there a difference between foam core and foam board? This is a popular question concerning foam board. Yes, there is one, but it is extremely similar to the other. The term "foam core" usually refers to a product having a foam core center and a paper face. Foam board is made out of a foam core with a polystyrene face, making it more stiff and durable.


Of all the materials on the market for decorating, work, or design, foam board is one of the most reliable. It is tough and functional in so many ways. As a student and employee, you have probably used foam board in a number of ways. When you are looking for something firm and strong to be used in presentations, decorations, modeling, or even insulation, you will want to turn to foam board. There is a reason that it is used for so many situations and in so many industries.