Transalloy® P-260EX


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A High-Performance Multi-Polymer Solution

Introducing TRANSALLOY® P-260EX, a cutting-edge multi-polymer material engineered for uncompromising durability, superior tear resistance, and outstanding impact strength to meet the demands of even the most challenging applications. This innovative material falls within a medium range of rigidity and has quickly gained recognition as a versatile alternative to PVC in various industries.


  • Exceptional Durability: TRANSALLOY® P-260EX is designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring longevity in diverse environments.
  • High Tear Resistance: Its impressive tear resistance properties make it an ideal choice for applications where durability is paramount.
  • Outstanding Impact Strength: This material excels in absorbing shocks and impacts, making it suitable for demanding scenarios.
  • Medium Rigidity: Offering a balanced level of rigidity, TRANSALLOY® P-260EX maintains structural integrity without sacrificing flexibility.



  • Point of Purchase Displays: Create eye-catching and sturdy displays that captivate your customers while withstanding everyday wear and tear.
  • In-Store Signage: Enhance your branding and messaging with vibrant, long-lasting signage that can handle the rigors of high-traffic areas.
  • Outdoor Displays: With its exceptional durability, TRANSALLOY® P-260EX is an excellent choice for outdoor applications, ensuring your displays remain impactful in all weather conditions.
  • Horticultural Signage/Tags: Label your plants and products with confidence, knowing that your signage will endure the outdoor elements.
  • Thermoformed Trays: Precision-molded trays and containers for various industries benefit from the strength and resilience of TRANSALLOY® P-260EX.
  • Promotional Items: Craft promotional products that leave a lasting impression, thanks to the material's remarkable impact resistance.


As a versatile alternative to PVC, it opens up new possibilities for your projects, ensuring they stand up to the toughest conditions.


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