PETG Plastic Sheets

PETG: the clear choice

As 3D printing becomes more popular, there are more filament choices available. One type of filament that is becoming a popular choice is PETG. PETG is a thermoplastic polyester that is commonly used in manufacturing. It is made from the PET component, which is commonly found in plastic beverage bottles and food products. The G stands for glycol, which adds durability and strength, and contributes to the compound's impact resistance and ability to withstand high temperatures. PETG filament is a good choice for 3D printing because it is strong and durable.




    PETGPolyethylene terephthalate glycol is a clear plastic sheet that can be thermoformed into signage and displays, as well as providing safety equipment for the workplace. Its high print quality also makes it perfect for digital printing and point of...
    $11.60 - $340.00