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Acetal Sheet: The Ultimate Thermoplastic for Industrial Innovation

Elevate your industrial capabilities with our Acetal Sheets, a custom-engineered, high-performance thermoplastic material designed as a superior alternative to metal in numerous applications. Crafted from select copolymer and homopolymer resins, these sheets offer unparalleled flexibility, exceptional strength, and robust durability.

Exceptional Features of Acetal Sheet:

  • Unmatched Strength and Stiffness: Designed to endure, Acetal delivers exceptional mechanical strength and stiffness, outperforming other plastics in demanding environments.
  • Low Friction Coefficient: Acetal's low friction and excellent bearing properties ensure smooth operations and reduced wear, making it ideal for high-wear applications.
  • Recyclability: Committed to environmental sustainability, Acetal is recyclable, supporting a circular economy by allowing for repeated melting and solidification.
  • Versatile Applications: From gear wheels and bolts to sophisticated lock systems, Acetal is extensively used in the electronics and automotive industries for parts that demand top performance.

Additional Benefits:

  • Low Moisture Absorption: Acetal maintains its integrity and performance even in moist conditions, making it suitable for varied climates and settings.
  • Ease of Machining: With its easy-to-machine nature, Acetal allows for precise modifications and customizations, streamlining production processes.
  • Safety Standards Compliance: Acetal meets FDA and NSF compliance, ensuring it is safe for use in food contact and medical applications.



      • Mechanical gears, equipment, housing parts, chains, nuts, parts of pumps, valves, etc.
      • Electrical insulations, connectors, and parts of various electronic devices.
      • Vehicle parts, fuel sender units, power windows, door locks, turn signals, vehicle tanks, etc.
      • Medical parts, insulin pen, metered-dose inhalers, etc.
      • Food industry- milk pumps. Food conveyors, etc.


Acetal Copolymer is preferred to Delrin® in high-pressure applications where centerline porosity is a concern