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Warning for California residents.

White Aluminum Sheets

Laird Plastics' white aluminum sheets are the perfect solution for your signage needs. With a high strength-to-weight ratio, these sheets are lightweight yet durable, making them easy to handle and install. Additionally, their corrosion resistance ensures that your sign will look great for years to come.

Natural corrosion resistance and high strength-to-weight ratio make aluminum an attractive solution for all your custom printed products. Aluminum's great thermal conduction and light weight makes it perfect for direct to print or mounted graphics. Our range of aluminum sheet, squares and bars can be bent, swaged or punched to suit your needs. 


      • Color: White

      • High Strength-to-weight Ratio

      • Natural Corrosion Resistance

      • Broad Range of Applications

      • Direct to Print or Mounted Graphic


      • Signage

      • Wall Panels

      • Aerospace

      • Transportation

      • Construction

      • Beverage packaging

Light weight, resistance to corrosion and its ability to withstand very low temperatures makes Aluminum ideal for outdoor signage