PLEXIGLAS® G Cell-Cast Acrylic Sheet


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Plexiglas® G Cell-Cast Acrylic Sheet

Plexiglas G cell is a high performance cell-acrylic sheet that offers excellent optical clarity, is weather resistant and is easily fabricated and thermoformed. A versatile material that is typically used in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Plexiglas G Cell can be found in skylights, aquariums, architectural glazing, hockey rinks and furniture.Premium-grade Plexiglas® G cell-cast acrylic sheet satisfies the requirements of nearly all high performance applications. Colorless Plexiglas® G acrylic sheet carries a 10-year limited warranty on light transmission. It is available in a broad range of colors and patterns.


      • Clear
      • Optical clarity
      • UV Resistant
      • Weather-resistant
      • Easily fabricated


      • Aquariums
      • Furniture
      • Architectural Glazing
      • Point-of-Sale Retail Graphics
      • Pediatric Incubators

Plexiglass has a glass-like appearance but is 50% lighter in weight in comparison

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