Nylon Extruded

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Nylon is an extruded form of polyamide, offering rigidity, strength, wear resistance, and heat resistance to 210°F. It is commonly used in both structural and general-purpose bearing and wear applications. This material is available in natural and black. The natural material is compliant with FDA, USDA, NST, and 3A-Dairy regulations.

Nylon is commonly referred to using the chemical designation “PA. Nylon is a useful plastic for applications that do require both a plastic material as well as high melting temperate. Nylon is incredibly diverse, one useful attribute is that it can be heated, cooled, reheated again without significant degradation. Nylon is often used in gears, bushing, and plastic bearings because of its inherent low-friction properties.

The most common variant for engineering applications is Nylon 6/6. Nylon 6/6 can be extruded and is also suitable for both injection molding and 3D printing.