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Acetal Sheet

Unleash the potential of Acetal Sheets, the industry-leading, high-performance thermoplastic crafted to excel where metal fails. Acetal, renowned for its exceptional quality and bespoke formulation, stands as a pinnacle in thermoplastic materials. Engineered through the use of sophisticated copolymer and homopolymer resins, it offers unparalleled flexibility, superior strength, unmatched stiffness, and enduring durability. Embrace sustainability with these recyclable thermoplastics, designed for repeated melting and reshaping without compromising quality. Their minimal friction coefficient and optimal bearing properties make Acetal Sheets the industrial choice for demanding engineering tasks in sectors like electronics and automotive. Essential for manufacturing robust gear wheels, fasteners, advanced locking systems, and more, Acetal's application range is vast and diverse.

Key Features

      • Remarkably low moisture absorption
      • Elevated strength and stiffness
      • User-friendly machining capabilities
      • Primarily formulated from superior Copolymer resin
      • Adherence to FDA & NSF standards for safety and quality

Versatile Applications

      • Ideal for crafting mechanical gears, precision equipment, housing components, chains, nuts, and essential parts for pumps and valves.
      • Widely used for electrical insulation, connectors, and integral parts in electronic devices.
      • Critical in automotive for fuel sender units, power windows, door locks, turn signals, and tanks.
      • In healthcare, used in medical devices such as insulin pens and inhalers.
      • A staple in the food industry for milk pumps, conveyors, and more.

In high-pressure scenarios, choose Acetal Copolymer over Delrin® for its superior performance and reduced centerline porosity.