Plastics Used in Specialty Vehicles

Specialty vehicles are everywhere, from ambulances to RVs to food trucks. Although most of these machines are metal, other components are crafted and molded from plastic. Several common types are used to create design elements and vital structural components. If you’re interested in the plastics used in specialty vehicles, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about the types of plastics in specialty vehicles and the plastic specialty vehicle applications. We’ll dive into the best options and why they are practical in specialty vehicles. 

Types of Plastics in Specialty Vehicles 

Plastics are the solution to removing wood-based materials in the specialty vehicle market. Whether they are shaped into a shell for the vehicle or cover critical components in the system, there are several excellent options. 

Here are a few of the most common plastics used in specialty vehicles: 

These work well for specialty vehicles of all types. 

Let’s talk more about the types of plastics in specialty vehicles. No matter what you need for your specialty vehicle, we will provide it. These are just a few popular choices for machines on the move. 


ABS is an excellent plastic product used commonly for injection mold applications. It doesn’t cost much to manufacture, and it’s simple to machine. It’s impact-resistant, strong, stiff, chemical resistant, easy to paint, and durable when faced with high and low temperatures. 

There are many uses for ABS plastic, from the steering wheel covers to various component coverings. It’s functional and affordable. 


Acrylic plastic is strong, stiff, and provides excellent optical clarity. Acrylic also has excellent weathering resistance, bonds well, is simple to fabricate, and is ideal to thermoform. It’s like glass but weighs much less and has shatter resistance. 

Most use acrylic for window items and adhesive purposes in specialty vehicles. It’s a durable material with excellent versatility and durability. 

High-Density Polyethylene 

Another excellent selection for specialty vehicles is high-density polyethylene. It’s a thermoplastic polymer made from petroleum. Outside the automobile world, High-Density Polyethylene goes into the production of milk jugs, shampoo bottles, and cutting boards. It’s impact resistant and has a high melting point.  

High-density polyethylene is practical for many uses in specialty vehicles. It is handy for interior linings, inner storage compartments, seats, trims, and more. It’s one of the most popular and practical plastic options. 

Polycarbonate Sheets 

Polycarbonate sheets are thermoplastic available in a thin sheet form. The material is durable, sanitary, and transparent, excellent for shaping inside a specialty vehicle. It’s tough and won’t absorb excessive moisture. It provides flame and chemical resistance with ease. 

There are plenty of uses for polycarbonate sheets. It’s excellent for window glazing, skylights, enclosures, medical equipment, exhibits, display, and more. Whether in an ambulance or a food truck, there are many practical uses for this product. 

Plastic Specialty Vehicle Applications 

Wood-free construction has been a standard in the industry for some time, and plastic is one of the most popular alternatives to this material. Various plastics serve different purposes in specialty vehicles, meant to withstand whatever circumstances they experience on the job. 

Here are a few of the most common specialty vehicles that use plastic: 

  • Trailers 
  • Food trucks 
  • RVs 
  • Emergency vehicles 

Each serves a valuable purpose in society. 

Let’s discuss these specialty vehicles and where plastics work well in each. From serving food to the public to carrying injured people to the hospital, plastic is a critical part of helping these cars get what they need to get done. 

RV interior, plastic polycarbonate cabinents


Trailers need materials that are lightweight and simple to shape into an aesthetic design. Plastic sheeting is an excellent choice for the exterior of a trailer, providing a quality appearance while keeping the structure's integrity simultaneously.  Performance plastics will ensure your trailer withstands chemical and water exposure on the road. It’s tough, lightweight, and made to withstand hard hits while driving. Innovative plastics are a much better option than older wood or thick PVC materials for trailer construction. 

Food Trucks 

If you invest in a truck and convert it, plastics will come in handy for the process. Performance plastics are valuable for transforming machines into food trucks, ideal for cooking and serving food on the go. Plastic sheets and other finished plastic parts are a quality addition to your food truck. They will provide the structure for cutting boards, vehicle graphics, headliners, modesty panels, serving windows, exterior and interior walls, and more. Plastic will bring your food truck to life, making it strong and safe. 


The construction of recreational vehicles has changed over time, evolving from the need for more clunky materials into a practical use for plastic. Performance plastics are an excellent addition to the interior and exterior of RVs. Plastic panels are handy for custom cabinets, exterior panels, door waist rails, and various fittings. Plastic will remove the risk of rot that comes with wood products. It will also improve the overall appearance and lower the total weight of your RV. 

Ambulance interior

Emergency Vehicles  

Last up are emergency vehicles, such as ambulances. The fast pace of the medical world provides constant upgrades to these machines, and plastic is part of those improvements. They are practical and much better than thicker, more flammable products used in previous iterations. Plastics help make emergency vehicle the best they can be. 

Plastic will help make emergency vehicles lighter, faster, fuel-efficient, and more durable. These factors are critical when attempting to reduce the time it takes for an emergency vehicle to get from one location to the next. Plastic makes it happen, from the tastiest food trucks to the most vital emergency vehicles. 

We Have the Plastics You Need 

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