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Acetal Sheets: High-Performance Thermoplastic for Industrial Applications

Acetal Sheets offer a robust, high-strength alternative to metals in numerous industrial applications. This premium thermoplastic, available in both copolymer and homopolymer resins, excels in delivering flexibility coupled with remarkable strength, stiffness, and durability. Designed specifically for replacement of metal components, Acetal is engineered for critical engineering tasks in demanding environments such as the electronics and automotive sectors. Its applications are diverse, including gear wheels, bolts, locking systems, and much more. Not only does Acetal stand out for its low friction and superior bearing properties, but it is also environmentally friendly as it can be recycled—melted, cooled, and reused—making it a sustainable choice for today’s industries. Discover the versatility and reliability of Acetal Sheets for all your engineering needs.


      • Low moisture absorption
      • High strength, stiffness
      • Easy to machine
      • Standard acetal is made from Copolymer resin.
      • FDA & NSF Compliant.



      • Mechanical gears, equipment, housing parts, chains, nuts, parts of pumps, valves, etc.
      • Electrical insulations, connectors, and parts of various electronic devices.
      • Vehicle parts, fuel sender units, power windows, door locks, turn signals, vehicle tanks, etc.
      • Medical parts, insulin pen, metered-dose inhalers, etc.
      • Food industry- milk pumps. Food conveyors, etc.


Acetal Copolymer is preferred to Delrin® in high-pressure applications where centerline porosity is a concern