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Acetal Sheet

Discover the superior performance of Acetal Sheet, a premium, industrial-grade thermoplastic designed to outperform metals in a vast array of applications. Acetal, a standout in the world of plastics, offers unmatched strength, stiffness, and durability. Crafted from both copolymer and homopolymer resins, Acetal Sheets deliver exceptional flexibility and resilience. These thermoplastics stand out for their recyclability, able to be reshaped through melting and cooling without losing integrity. With their low friction and exemplary bearing properties, Acetal Sheets are a top choice for industrial applications. From precision engineering parts in the electronics and automotive sectors to essential components like gear wheels, fasteners, and locking mechanisms, Acetal's versatility is unmatched.

Key Features

      • Minimal moisture absorption
      • Exceptional strength and stiffness
      • Precision machining ease
      • Crafted from high-quality Copolymer resin
      • Compliance with FDA & NSF standards

Diverse Applications

      • Industrial gears, machinery components, housing units, chain links, screws, pump and valve parts
      • Electrical insulation materials, connectors, components for electronic devices
      • Automotive components including fuel systems, power window mechanisms, door locks, signal devices, and tanks
      • Medical devices such as insulin pens and metered-dose inhalers
      • Food processing equipment like milk pumps and conveyors

For high-pressure scenarios where porosity could be detrimental, Acetal Copolymer is the preferred choice over Delrin®, ensuring reliability and performance.