What is Foam Board, What is it Used For?(Post)

    Introduction You have seen and probably used foam board in your life, whether at home for decorations, at work, or in school. But do you really know what foam board is and how it is best used? Foa ...

    What is Styrene Plastic? (Post)

    What is Styrene Plastic? You may have never heard of styrene and might not know what it means, but you have definitely seen it in your daily life. Styrene is a very beneficial, powerful, strong, a ...

  • Gatorplast Foam Board Gatorplast foam board product display
    3A Composites

    GATORPLAST® Foam Board

    Gatorplast Foam Graphics Display Board GATORPLAST is comprised of extruded polystyrene foam bonded between two layers of high-impact polystyrene cap facers. The smooth, plastic facers of GATORPLAST...
  • Insite Reveal Foam Board
    The Gilman Brothers Company

    InSite Reveal Foam Board

    InSite Reveal Foam Board InSite Reveal is a revolutionary new product that features smooth, bright white paper manufactured with a moisture resistant clay-coating. This unique coating provides...
  • Kommerling Komatex

    KömaTex – Free-foam PVC sheet

    KömaTex – Free-foam PVC sheet KömaTex free-foam PVC sheets exhibit a highly regular, fine-celled foam structure and a good surface strength. The closed, matt, fine-textured, and high-quality surface...
    $125.05 - $405.00
  • Gatorfoam® Board Gatorfoam® Board
    3A Composites

    Gatorfoam® Board

    Gatorfoam® High-Performance Foam BoardGatorfoam is the original and only high-performance graphic arts foam board, providing an extremely rigid base with wood-fiber veneers for mounting applications...
    $1,540.00 - $2,160.00
  • UltraBoard Classic

    UltraBoard Classic

    UltraBoard Classic®The UltraBoard Classic has a polystyrene foam core board between two rigid sheets of polystyrene. It is favored for its durability and ease-of-use for interior permanent displays,...
    $2,025.00 - $2,400.00
  • FOME-COR® Board FOME-COR® Board
    3A Composites

    FOME-COR® Board

    FOME-COR®FOME-COR is the premier foam core for your next project. Made with a proprietary manufacturing process, FOME-COR is extruded white or black polystyrene with bright white, double clay-coated...
    $6.25 - $150.00
  • Expanded PVC Foam Expanded PVC Foam
    General Purpose

    Expanded PVC Foam

    Expanded PVC Foam.Expanded PVC Foam Sheet is a rigid yet lightweight material commonly used in many industries. This versatile foam sheet features a bright white surface that is ideal for digital and...
    $65.35 - $235.00
  • Vycom Expanded Black and White PVC Sheets

    Celtec® Expanded PVC Foam Board & Sheets

    Celtec - Expanded PVC Foam Board and Sheets The Celtec Expanded PVC family of graphic and display materials is perfect for anyone who wants to add a personal touch to their décor. With a broad range...
    $445.00 - $945.00
  • Falconboard®


    Falconboard® from Hexacomb® is a fully recyclable* rigid graphics media board which offers superior performance over most traditional foam board options. Strong, flat,...
    $110.00 - $165.00
  • White PVC - SINTRA corner display White PVC Expanded Foam Board displays
    3A Composites

    SINTRA® Expanded PVC Sheet

    SINTRA® Expanded PVC SheetWhite PVC from SINTRA® is the industry’s leading premium PVC board for more than 30 years. It features a consistent bright white surface and sheet thickness, superior dent...
    $85.00 - $325.15

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